Why Leaping Goat?

What's in a name? Leaping Goat Olive Oil's name comes from a truly unique story.

On a sunny afternoon, 12 or so years ago, in the very early days of our journey of olive oil production we were pondering possible names for our grove in Arthurs Seat. Struggling to find a name of interest, our inspiration was provided by our friends dog who suddenly decided to chase the goats. They fled in fright, ran around the back of the shed, up onto the roof and then leapt off, miraculously landing feet first on the ground 2 metres below.

"Leaping Goat" it was, and the picture of our goats, Coco and Jeddy, leaping over an olive tree was painted by the same friends mother that very week.  

Hence the label and name, Leaping Goat.