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Leaping Goat
Olive Oil

Award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from the Mornington Peninsula 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Since 2005, Leaping Goat Olive Oil has been crafting cold-pressed, boutique, extra virgin olive oil from Arthurs Seat on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. The award winning oil, known for its robust, full flavour, is stocked at a variety of local treasures. Simply toss through fresh salad or pair it with warm crusty bread for an instant, sophisticated crowd pleaser. 



Our extra virgin olive oil is a delicious addition to all things savoury and a great alternative to butter and other oils. It's also fantastic in baking, adding an earthy hue to any treat whilst packing in a bunch of nutritional benefits. 

For sweet and savoury recipes, have a scroll through the blog.


Family Grown

A true cottage industry; a lot of love, heart and soul goes into the grove and in turn, the oil. Every olive is harvested by family and friends, pressed locally, bottled and labeled by hand.


Picked by Family & Friends

Our annual olive harvest is always a big deal - family and friends drive from near and far to pick olives, share stories around the trees and then dig into delicious, well earned, hearty soup.